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Discovering Black Down - Orienteering Course

A permanent orienteering course on Burrington Ham which can be used for formal orienteering training by schools or uniformed groups or just as a day out for families to have fun and discover the natural and historic wonders of the commons.

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Discovering Black Down - Starfish and World War II

Discover how In World War II (1939-45), Black Down became a key site in the defence of Bristol.
The decoy town at Black Down was one of the first, may have been the largest, of a network of sites across the country designed to divert bombing away from major cities.

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Discovering Black Down - Starfish film

The Children of Blagdon Primary school with some help from Ruth Coleman (Starfish Producer) and Biggerhouse Film, visited Black Down and researched the story of Starfish to produce a short film. A mixture of live drama and animated sequences tell the fascinating story behind the Decoy town on Black Down during World War II.

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Discovering Black Down - Starfish Stories

During the research into the history of Starfish on Black Down several people shared stories of how they were part of the secret wartime history of the site. Here you will find their recollections of what life was like and how they were involved with the secret world of Starfish.

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Discovering Black Down - The Hill Gardens

Discover how the Hill Gardens on Burrington Ham were once allotments created for local labourers by taking land from the edge of the common land of Burrington Ham.

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Discovering Black Down - Tumps and the Heinkel He 111

Discover how by the summer of 1940 due to the fear of invasion by the German Luftwaffe tumps were built on Black Down to prevent aircraft landing and taking off again.

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