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My Mendip Challenge - Day 13 #MyMendip

As we come to the end of the challenge and thinking about all the special qualities that make up the Mendip Hills AONB. We would love you to think about your favourite memories on Mendip. Was it a walk with the family, discovering a new experience or perhaps getting soaked in a Mendip down pour?

Share your favourite memories of the Mendip Hills old or new.

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 3 #MendipArchaeology

Dating back 500,000 yrs. Henge monuments, barrows and hillforts through to World War 2 sites are prominent features on the Mendip Hills AONB.

We challenge you to get crafty and upcycle something old into something new. This is also a great opportunity to think about other ways you can reduce your waste and think outside the box about re-using some of those items you might normally throw away.

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 4 #MendipChewValley

The Chew Valley is the sheltered, farmed landscape with fields divided with hedges, that contrasts the windswept plateau. The Chew Valley lake is an excellent site for birds and one of the most important water-fowl sites in the South West.

Can you sit by a window or outside in the garden for a minimum of 30 minutes and carry out a bird survey?

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 5 #MendipGrasslands

On the Mendip Hills grasslands come to life in the summer and are vital for supporting a variety of butterflies and wildflowers.

On your next local walk or even in your garden use the spotter sheets to identify as many different butterflies and flowers as you can. Lots of wildflowers grow in urban areas so you don't need to travel far to see wildlife!

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 6 #MendipAdventure

The Mendip Hills provides a unique landscape perfect for adventures such as climbing, caving, mountain biking and walking.

Why not have your own mini adventure at home and do some wild cooking or camping activities in the garden? Whether it’s a BBQ or setting up a tent or even building your own blanket fort in the living room!

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 7 #MendipViews

One of the biggest draws to beautiful landscapes such as the Mendip Hills are views. Climbing to the top of Crook Peak to get a view out over the Severn Estuary or looking towards from the Somerset Levels, views are an important part of how we see beautiful landscapes.

For today, share with us your favourite local view whether that's something you can see from your home or a place in your local area. Use the link below for hints on taking landscape images in your garden or on your local walk.

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 8 #MendipRidge

The Mendip Hills landscape has spectacular dry valleys and gorges, ancient sinkholes and depressions, and impressive rocky outcrops. Not forgetting the most well-known Karst feature in Britain - Cheddar Gorge!

For today's challenge you need to get moving! We want to know how many steps you do today, use an app on your phone such as FitBit (you don't need an actual FitBit). The Cheddar gorge circular walk is 5.5km approximately 7000 steps! Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active and become healthier. But how many steps should you be doing and are you walking fast enough? Or do you want to climb a mountain in your own home on the stairs?

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My Mendip Challenge - Day 9 #MendipRocks

The Mendip Hills is one of the best areas in the country to appreciate the relationships between geology, landscape and natural history. 300 million years of geological history are exposed in natural outcrops and quarries. Quarrying has for more than a century been the single most important industry in the Mendip Hills, affecting the lives of those who live and work in the area. Take a trip back in time to see the quarries and the people that worked in them (Quarry Faces link below). Rocks don't have to be boring.

Todays challenge is to collect some rocks, decorate them and make a story about them.

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