Cultural Heritage

Priddy. Credit: Diana Jarvis Greentraveller

There has been human habitation in the Mendip Hills since the Mesolithic times, with evidence of human activity ranging from prehistoric settlements to World War II archaeology. The historical value of the area is incredibly rich and important with 198 Listed Buildings and 169 Scheduled Monuments.

Key cultural heritage include:

  • Archaeological sites of the Mesolithic (middle Stone Age) and Neolithic (late Stone Age)
  • Bronze Age barrows, a ritual landscape of national significance
  • Large Iron Age hill forts and smaller enclosures showing patterns of territories and lordships
  • Villages and towns with important historic buildings, such as churches
  • Quarries and pitted landscapes are evidence of lead mining and other mineral mining dating back over 2000 years
  • Field patterns reflecting the history of enclosure and settlement
  • Evidence of World War II
  • Traditional fairs, customs and cultural events.